Automatic Horizontal Sticker Labeling Machine Exporter

Application : Apply label in horizontal type IV Fluid bottle, Carton, Pouch.

Salient Features :

  • The unit is made compact & versatile as per GMP norms.
  • Applicator controlled by PLC.
  • Various label position adjustment with help of sliding pipe assembly.
  • Imported sensor makes leuze/sick.
  • All automation parts like VFD, HMI, and PLC system is make Delta/Mitshibishi.
  • Specially design dispenser for label release.
  • All moving parts cover by safety guard.
  • User friendly & very less maintenance.
  • Machine is suitable for round bottle, Vial, Jar, Tin, Can container.


Product Carton, IV Fluid Bottles, Pouch.
Label Size Min : 10mm Width Max : 90mm Width
Speed 60 – 120 BPM
Working Height 850±50mm
I/P Power Supply 1 Phase, 230 V AC, 50/60 HZ
System Stepper/Servo
Power Load 1.0 KW
Conveyor Length 7/9 Feet
Option Batch Printer Vision System Rejection System