Automatic Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine Supplier

Application : Fill materials Syrup, butter milk, flavored milk, etc.

Salient Features :

  • The structure made MS with SS304 cladding.
  • Single drain tray around machine structure.
  • Filling Accuracy ±1.0%.
  • Interlock
  • No Bottle – No Filling - M/C Stop
  • Infeed Jam – M/C Stop (Optional)
  • Outfeed Jam –M/C Stop (Optional)
  • Air Pressure Low- M/C Stop (Optional)
  • Pneumatic/Mechanical stoppering system
  • SS measurement scale in all filling volume adjustment block for easily set filling volume
  • Diving Nozzle device.
  • Safety covers for motor, gearbox, Pneumatic cylinder.
  • All electrical & electronic parts are CE.


Filling Range 10ml – 1000ml
Speed 30 to 100 Nos. ** Depend Filling Materials & No. of head
No. Of Head 04 /06/08/10 Nos.
Container Size (Pet/Glass –Round/square) Ø15mm - Ø 65mm
Utility Power Supply : 1 Phase/3 Phase Pneumatic Air : 2 – 4 kg/cm2 Pneumatic Air
Working Height 850±50mm
Conveyor Size 2135mm Length
Type of conveyor SS 304 Slat chain
Optional Top cabinet