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Machine Description:

  • The unit is made Compact & Versatile as per GMP norms.

  • Applicator controlled by MITSUBISHI PLC and Operated with HMI.

  • Various label Height position adjustment with help of S.S sliding pipe assembly.

  • Imported sensor makes SICK (GERMANY).

  • All automation parts like VFD, HMI and PLC system CE certified and Imported.

  • Gear Box & Motor – ROTOMOTIVE Make.

  • Specially Design Dispenser for Accurate Label Dispensing.

  • Adjustable guiding System for bottle Alignment for Accurate Labeling.

  • Separate Motor, Gear box and VFD for Product Conveyor and Top Conveyor.

  • Special Label Pasting Auto Synchronized system.

  • Delrin / SS Slat / Specialized belt conveyor with a variable speed for product.

  • Length of the conveyor will be 5 FEET/ 7 FEET/8 FEET approximately.

  • All moving parts cover by safety guard.

  • Heavy and Rigid M.S Structure and Machine with Matt Finished


Advance Features:

  • MITSUBISHI Make Touch Screen operated HMI.

  • Special functions like Product Delay, Label Length, label speed.

  • Multiple Program facility for easy and fast operation.

  • Bottles/Minute and Total count facility for Output Records.

  • MITSUBISHI A.C Drive for Speed Control by operating HMI.

  • Password Protection on customer request.

  • Easy to use adjustments, requiring a minimum tools or change of parts

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