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Technical Specification

Gross Capacity in Liters :

250 Liters

Working Capacity in Liters :

200 Liters

Tank’s Sell Thickness :

2.0 mm SS 316 Material           


Tank’s  Bottom Thickness :

2.0 mm SS 316 Material


Tank’s  Top Loose Lead Thickness :

2.0 mm SS 316 Material


Outer Surface :

Insulation surface for maintaining temperature (50 mm insulation puff materials with 2 mm SS 304 mat)


Top Surface of Tank :

Eye Glass, Bulb, Spray ball with T/C connection, Air vent, Ball Valve, Drain valve for CIP, CIP inlet & return connection,  temperature indication & header valve- T/C ended


Tank’s  Bottom support :

04 Nos. of SS 304 Pipe Legs, Pipe 65 mm Dia X 3 mm Thickness With Castor Wheel


Surface Finish :

Internal: 0.5 RA mirror polished

External: 0.9 RA mat finish


Output Header :

O/P Connection: 4 Head Connection, SS 316 material with T/C clamp. Inlet Of syringe pipe with T/C Clamp

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